5 Star Gifts Boot Camp

 The 5 Star Gifts Boot Camp is the flagship program of the Billy Thompson Foundation. It is a one of kind experience offering a great balance of fun and spiritual substance for children between the ages of 11-17. For nine days, our team of success coaches engages students in the realm of possibility so that they see themselves as winners; achieving, dreaming and realizing their potential.  During the nine day 5 Star Gifts Boot Camp, young people receive hands on training in a variety of disciplines to learn how to discover and cultivate their gifts to unlock purpose and destiny. 

This is achieved by placement in Career and Vocational Academies where they work with a network of professionals comprised of doctors, lawyers, teachers and entrepreneurs who volunteer to coach and train them in their chosen discipline.  The Academies include: Business & Technology, Creative Productions (Audio, Video, Photography, Art and Design) Fashion (Sewing & Design), Cosmetology, Barbering, Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Mime & Drama), and Culinary Arts (Cooking & Baking).  Additionally, they participate in Purpose Portals where they will learn about the Art of Prayer, Developing a Prophetic Mindset, Dressing for Success, Etiquette, Understanding Potential, Leadership, Vision Casting and more.   


5 Star Gifts Boot Camp Purpose 

  • Help young people identify who they are in Christ and the marketplace.  
  • Provide a focus-driven and wholesome learning environment that foster spiritual growth,  responsibility, character and maturity  


5 Star Gifts Boot Camp Objectives 

  • Develop students abilities to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit 
  • Instill self confidence and erase stigmas placed  upon them  
  • Teach students the basic principles of the prophetic ( God’s mind) 
  • Equip students for their career & calling by pairing them with professional success coaches and mentors 


There is greatness and genius in each of our children and Boot Camp is a catalyst to help construct their destiny. The world has great influence upon today’s youth however, we must be diligent about teaching, training and cultivating their spiritual purpose.